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University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) | Department of Philosophy | 2018

  • ARTS2383 - Ethics: Theory and Practice
    - Lectures and seminars on topics in climate justice.

University of Bayreuth (Germany) | Department of Philosophy | 2018

  • Seminar on 'Values in Science' for third year philosophy and economics students. 
    Co-taught and co-developed with Donal Khosrowi

University of Durham (United Kingdom) | Department of Philosophy | 2015-2016

  • PHIL 2151 - Philosophy of Science
    Delivered lecturers/seminars in this second year module on scientific realism, evidence, evidence-based policy and values in science.

University of Durham (United Kingdom) | School of Government & International Affairs | 2015-2016

Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) | School of Life and Environmental Sciences: | 2006 - 2011

  • SLE305 - Catchment and Coastal Management
    Guest lecturer on Victoria's system of coastal legislation, planning and management, and the role of volunteer Committees of Management.